D ~ workshop

intensive compact course on special german topics ~ grammar and more

duration: 1 day (~ 8 hours) for 1 topic (complete)

place: in the touristic centre Muggendorf ~ "heart" of Bavarian Top region Fränkische Schweiz

or alternatively in your house, institution, company in the region Nürnberg ~ Bamberg ~ Weiden

content: specific "german" problems for foreigners, e.g. definite/indefinite article (m/f/n)

participants: minimum 6 students , maximum 15 students , level A1-B1

cost: 30,- € (depending on number of students)

special feature of the workshop:

it´s important to apply correctly the basic grammatical structures. But how can you get it? Only by learning words and studying theoretical grammar apart? Surely not!

In my workshops I try to impart authentic language situations which motivate you to discover structure and the soul of the german language by yourself. Jobs and exercises you tackle with a partner and/or in the group. You will not only sit behind a desk, but experiment the rhythm of the language through moves and groves, possibly also outside in our beautiful "french-swiss" landscape -> wear comfortable clothes.

And most important: have an interesting day with open minded people from different countries and cultures.


Topic 1: the german article ~ companion of the german noun with 3 genders

Nomen und ihre Begleiter (Artikel) - als Subjekt oder Objekt des Satzes im Nominativ, Dativ, Akkusativ, (Genitiv) ~ Definit-, Indefinit-, Negations-, Possessiv-, Demonstrativ-, Interrogations-

Artikel <-> Pronomen ?

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